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Chimney Rock National Monument, CO #12

I have lived in Colorado 34 years and never knew that Chimney Rock National Monument even existed! One reason could be that it is not managed by the NPS, but by BLM. At any rate, it is worth a stop.

The history of Chimney Rock goes something like this.

Around 2,000 years ago the Pueblo people built the furthest north village in this location. They were part of the Chaco Canyon network, located 90 miles south in New Mexico. In effect, they were the north end of the trade route for the Puebloan people. They estimate that there are around 200 homes on this site. Not all have been excavated.

The homes were located on the top ridge in the left side of this picture. The ceremonial site is in the middle of the ridge.

Looks like a chimney to me!

The three tray like objects in the middle are for grinding corn. They would sing songs and grind corn. No fast food here folks!

The views from the top are quite expansive.

Some pretty flowers.

Chimney Rock is located between Pagosa Springs and Durango.

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