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#41 Yellowstone National Park, MT

This is called the Roosevelt Arch. It welcomes everyone to Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner, MT.

We made camp in Gardiner and drove into the park up to the Wyoming border. It was 104 degrees and I was regretting deeply the promise I made to all of you that I would do at least a 5k (3.1 miles) in every park/state. But there was nothing to do but get the run in before it got dark.

Just a little further and I'll be to the North Pole... I wish! I must have looked pretty bad as I ran past this pull out for the 45th parallel because a really nice family visiting from India rolled down the window in their van and offered me cold water and air conditioning. They just couldn't understand why a person would be running in such heat. But I assured them I would be ok and kept going. They were so sweet! That has been the beautiful thing about this journey...the kindness of strangers. People have been so incredibly kind to me and it has touched my heart in a way I could never have thought possible.

People playing in the Gardner River.

It was very dangerous running on this road! There just wasn't any shoulder and most of the time I was running on the white line. Most drivers were considerate and slowed down as they went by me or scooted over to the middle. But one RV deliberately swerved into me and tried to hit me. There was a rock cliff on my left shoulder and a giant RV bumping into my right shoulder. Is this where the saying "Between a rock and a hard spot" came from? I think so...

Fred was worried about the heat and made sure to check on me about every mile and half. I was so glad he did! I'd hop in the car and turn the AC on my face and drink some water and get out and do it again. I think those were the most brutal miles I have ever run! Thank you to my wonderful husband for making sure I stayed hydrated!

Saw a pretty elk grazing near the road and then I was back to Gardiner, MT with another 4 or 5 miles logged.

Time for dinner and a pitcher of ice water!

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