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#38 Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit, ND

The entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit is located in Medora, ND. It's a cute little town where people still ride their horses down the road and everybody knows each other.

It's also where Teddy Roosevelt came to grieve for his wife and mother, who had died in his house in New York city within hours of each other on Valentine's Day in 1884. He loved them both very much and in his diary on that day there is a big black "X" at the top of the entry followed by one sentence.

"The light has gone out of my life."

Teddy, I know exactly what you mean. Profound grief changes one forever. We may smile and laugh again, but it is always colored by grief and loss. We are forced to have one foot in this world, while one foot is in Heaven with our loved one. We feel resentment for having to be here and to carry on when we only want to be there with them. We never ever "get over" our loved one, but time teaches us to integrate the grief into our existence here. Grief is the expression of the great love we had for our loved ones. We shouldn't hide love...ever. I believe it is our ability to love and what we choose to do with that love that defines us.

Teddy Roosevelt became known as the conservationist President. He believed deeply in managing and preserving our natural resources and lands. I encourage you to read more about his incredible life and efforts to encourage the National Parks and Monuments to thrive. Aside from his conservation efforts here in the states he took on one of the most dangerous rivers in the world in 1912 after an election defeat. The book is called, "The River of Doubt". I read it years ago and let's just say it is a page turner.

Well, it's time to enter the park and explore, run, and try not to get killed. Gotta love these construction signs! But it's not the construction that will kill you...keep reading.

The vistas in Theodore South are just lovely! Climb to the top of any bluff and you can see for miles and miles.

Buffalo grazing.

The wildflowers were abundant and colorful!

Of course, there are always friends to be made along the way...if they don't kill you first.