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Mt. Rushmore National Monument, SD #11

Mount Rushmore is one of those places that evokes childhood memories. As ranchers, my dad couldn't be gone long from the cattle and sheep, but we would go to the Black Hills for a few days before school started. We always went to Mt. Rushmore because we loved it so much! It wasn't hard to imagine Borglum and his workers crawling around the mountain face chiseling out the faces of 4 presidents. There was also a Sioux Indian Chief by the name of Black Elk who was there much of the time and I loved talking to him and hearing his stories. He was splendid in his chiefly attire and I admired him greatly. To me the place was magical!

From 1927-1941 almost 400 men and women worked to complete Mt. Rushmore. It was incredibly dangerous work, but not one person lost their life in the construction process. That's unbelievable when you look at the pictures of their harnesses and the way they would set off explosives!

The Avenue of Flags with Mt. Rushmore in the background.

Gotta have a picture of Colorado's flag!

Anna was at Mt. Rushmore twice in her young life. I hope you will indulge me as I share some pictures from her adventures there.

Sylvan Lake is very near Mt. Rushmore and she went swimming. Any National Treasure fans out there? The rock we're standing on is the one featured in the second movie.

Anna and Daddy in front of the model for Crazy Horse.

Anna and her Auntie Leslee on another trip. Fun fact: Nicolas Cage and the crew were filming National Treasure 2 at Mt. Rushmore on this day in 2007.

Miss you my darling angel girl!

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