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#35 Isle Royale National Park, MI

Once again, the official sign for the park was out for repairs, so Teddy had to pose in front of the temporary sign in the ranger station.

This is the boat that leaves from Grand Portage to Isle Royale National Park. This marks the 3rd National Park that can only be reached by boat.

After my recent experience at Voyageurs National Park with mosquitos, I was nervous about coming to Isle Royale National Park. Many accounts told horrendous stories of mosquitos on the island. Most advised 100% DEET and wearing a hat with mosquito netting. It was fine...I only saw 2 mosquitos the whole time on the island, although one of them did bite me on the back of the leg. It could have been a lot worse and this traveller was extremely grateful.

The old lens from the lighthouse.

The old Alpha Wolf from the island. He's so handsome! I was so lucky to get to see wolf scat; it was quite fresh so I knew they had recently been there on the trail. But I knew even if they were watching me I wouldn't see them unless they wanted me to...just like the mountain lions where I live.

I didn't know it when I set out for my hike but there are only 2 wolves left on the island. The ranger said they were introducing about a dozen wolves to the island this fall in hopes of getting the moose population back under control.

The hike was wonderful going up to the ridge. I could tell I was the only one who had gone up there in awhile as there were lots of spider webs across the path.

When I got to the top of the ridge, I stopped to eat lunch (a protein bar and some chocolate). I realized there was a wild rose shrub beside me, so it was like having snacks with my girl. It all ended too soon and I was forced to leave in order to get back to the boat before it left.

Here are some of the lovely flowers and foliage that I was able to capture on the hike.

This little toad made his presence known to me...yes, I like toads.

There were also many butterflies.

On the way back to Grand Portage we went by the lighthouse. The patina on the lighthouse gives testimony to the rough weather that this stalwart building has had to endure on Lake Superior.

I highly recommend going to Isle Royale National Park. It is a beautiful wild place that is worthy of the trouble to get there. Of course, I might have felt differently if the mosquitos were worse, but maybe not...

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