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#33 Shenandoah National Park, VA

Shenandoah is a long, thin park. I went in the north end of Shenandoah National Park and out the south end. I had flown into Norfolk, VA the day before and camped in Front Royal, a little town at the north end of the park. Moorea O'Donnell, a friend of Anna's from high school, and her boyfriend, Sean Akey, drove down from Washington, DC to share dinner with me. It was so nice to catch up with her.

The road that traverses the length of the park is called Skyline Drive. It is situated along the top of the ridge that also runs north to south. There are beautiful views from up here and the vistas are long reaching.

Be advised the hiking in this park is quite steep and strenuous. Because the road is on top of the ridge, you will be hiking down the side of the mountain and then back up to the top of the ridge. My advice, do this park while you are young and in good shape. If you wait, you will only see the view from the car and that would be a shame, because the real park is on the side of the mountain ridge. I did several trails and saw "hollers", waterfalls, and talus fields.

The Appalachian Trail runs through the park, so there are many back packers too, but don't worry they seem gentle for the most part...wink, wink.

Isn't she pretty? I met her when I rounded a curve in the trail. Good thing I wasn't running at that point or I would have hit her. We were about 4 feet apart. She wasn't the slightest bit concerned by my presence as she continued to munch her breakfast. So I politely waited a respectable distance until she moved on.

But my favorite part was Rose River and Rose Falls. She was there with me.

Rose Falls; renamed by me as "Anna Rose Falls".

Aren't they beautiful?

AnnaRose River, er I mean, Rose River.

The sunset from the top of the ridge on the Applachian Trail was mesmerizing. It was one of those that you wanted to hit a "replay" button and make it happen all over again. Just gorgeous! Davis Benedict, you're right, Anna is in every sunrise and every can feel her.

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