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Castillo de San Marcos National Monument #10 Florida

L-R Sierra Gilman, Teddy, Schyeler Gilman

The Castillo is another very special place for our family. Anna was 8 the first time we went to St. Augustine, FL. It was Halloween and she was dressed in her pretty princess dress. She was Trick or Treating on St. George Street, the oldest street in America, across the street from the Castillo. We walked around the Castillo after St. George and admired it in the moonlight and uplights. It was beautiful!

Funny aside story, we live at 8,000' and Halloween is always a challenge. What kind of costume do you make or get that can go over a snowsuit? Because it is either freezing cold or blizzarding on Halloween. So I had sewn this beautiful, gold, warm cape to go over her princess dress, afraid she would be cold...I carried it the entire evening because it was too hot. Live and and learn.

Anna trick or treating on St. George Street. St. Augustine is about 500 years old.

The princess in her horse drawn carriage.

Princess Anna Rose in the Columbia House Restaurant.

Best Cuban food ever!

Checking out the candy procured from Halloween

The next day we toured the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument...

...and other places around town.

Lightner Museum. Used to be a fancy hotel.

Making friends

Colonial Spanish Quarter Living Museum

Harry's Restaurant, from this day pictured, Harry's remained her favorite always. Whenever we would get to town she begged to go to Harry's.

And Flagler College. I will never forget that first night in St. Augustine. We were strolling by the college and she said, "What is that?!?". I replied "it used to be a luxurious hotel in the old days, but now is a college". "That's where I'm going to college!" she replied enthusiastically. Do you know, she never wavered off of going to Flagler until the day came to make the official decision. Basically it came down to the offerings at the school; otherwise I have no doubt she would have gone there.

Anna loved St. Augustine! It was nearly a second home to her. We went at least once a year and she would take her friends and share the amazing history of St. Augustine and the Castillo with them.

Sorry for the detour down memory lane, but I wanted you to understand how special St. Augustine and the Castillo de San Marcos is to her, her mom and her dad.