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#27 Yosemite National Park, CA

I think Yosemite wins the prettiest National Park sign!

After King's Canyon, I picked up Cindy Lovelace, CEO of The Healing NET Foundation in Fresno, CA at the airport. We had been invited to stay with her cousin & his wife, John & Christine Reynolds. John is the Postmaster General of Yosemite Village and Christina helps notify families of accident victims and works at the school and numerous other things for her National Park community. Such warm and caring people! They welcomed us, fed us and treated me like family. Other members of the family that greeted me, were John & Cindy's Aunt Annie, and Christine's mom and sister, Carrie. Their generousity and kindness were deeply moving! They understood how tough this park was for me and I will always be grateful to them for their kind, caring hearts and great hospitality.

"Wow, that sun is bright! Can you see the screen? No, can you? Did you hit the button? I can't see the button"

The last time I was in Yosemite National Park, Anna was 8. Being back there was bittersweet for me. Memories flooded my vision as I looked at all the places where we took her in the park. The grief was overwhelming at times. Sitting by the Merced River, I could hear her cute laugh as we rafted down the river. "Mom look at that!", as we floated into view of Yosemite Falls. She had so much fun! How is it that she isn't here with me running in all the National Parks as we had planned?!?! My stomach is in my throat...

On one of my personal walks around the valley floor I ran into "Bob". I was walking past the recycle plant watching the guys work on my left and I heard a noise near my feet on the right. I looked down expecting to see a squirrel and instead this bobcat was sitting on the side of the road not three feet from me; just looking at me. So I politely said "hello there Bob" and he coolly got up and strolled up the steps to the District Court House and into the woods. Such a great experience! Sorry the pictures aren't better, but I was so entranced by what had just happened that I missed getting the good shot.

Of course, there were many deer too sharing the trail. I've also seen coyotes strolling the valley floor too on other trips.

Lots of flowers were blooming this spring in addition to the magnificent Dogwood trees near the Ahwanee Lodge.

Some other scenes from around Yosemite Valley floor

Half Dome looking fabulous!

Saturday morning Christine, her sister, Carrie, Cindy and myself piled into the car and drove to El Portal. We were participating in the Spring Run-off race to benefit the school in El Portal.

Cindy & I getting our zebra on!

Then it was back into the park to meet up for our National Park walk. In addition to Christine and Carrie we were joined by Cloud & Dayna.

Carrie, Dayna, me, Christine, Cindy & Cloud

Here's some pics of my favorite feature, Yosemite Falls! In case you're wondering...the falls are about a half mile up.

Time to move on to Redwoods & Lassen! So long!

Anna and her friend in the General Store in Yosemite

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