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#20 Zion National Park, UT

Zion is such a beautiful canyon! I apologize for the quality of the pictures, the light was just not good.

A small herd of Bighorn sheep met us on the road just inside the park.

Checkerboard Mesa...not hard to see how it got it's name, is it?

Remember the drawing of the Grand Staircase? On the southwest side of the GSENM is Zion Canyon. The rainwater that flows off that side of the plateau is what carved Zion Canyon. Zion's rock is relatively soft, and concentrated flows of water sliced through it quite quickly...well, geologically speaking. The water flowing through the canyon has been named the Virgin River.

Perhaps you have heard of The Narrows. It's a famous trail in Zion Canyon that goes up the Virgin River. We did some of it with Anna when she was 5. Even in the warm days, the water is very cold and pretty deep in areas, but she forged ahead up the river. She was so little, and so fearless!

These pictures were taken before the water got deep and I had to put away the camera.

It's so hollow being in these places again without her here. Her beautiful smile should be filling the canyon with light and her infectious laughter should be echoing off the canyon walls...

After revisiting the start of The Narrows again, we decided to do a trail we haven't done before; The Emerald Pools (Lower, Middle & Upper).

On the trail to the lower pool.

Little waterfall into the Lower Emerald Pool.

Trail to Middle Emerald Pool.

Standing at the Middle Pool edge.

There are two Middle Pools, this is the first one you encounter...

...this is the second one.

Easy part of the trail going to Upper Emerald Pool.

It can be a bit of an ankle turner, so wear good hiking boots.

Vignette of the Upper Pool.

Looking up the sheer walls from the Upper Pool.

Zion National Park should be on your bucket list. Try to visit in the shoulder seasons as it does get very busy in the summer. We procured one of the last spots in the 2 campgrounds at 3 in the March. FYI, we were told by the campground host that the campgrounds will be going to a "reservation only" system this summer.

Sunset on the canyon walls by the campground.

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