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#2 & 3 Great Smoky Mountains NP TN & NC

It wasn't hard to see how the Great Smoky Mountains attained their name as I started driving into the fog filled mountains early, before dawn. The destination was Clingman's Dome, high on the top ridge of the Smokies. It is the highest point east of the Mississippi River. The views are spectacular! These mountains are sacred to the Cherokee people and should be to us also. They seem to emanate a secret, spirituality that can only be heard if one takes the time to listen.

Anna's teddy


at the


to the park

View to the west side of the park

Beautiful stone tunnels

Clingman's Dome Observation Tower

(it was closed)

I was about one week late for the fall color. So I can only dream about what it would have looked like. I would put this park on your bucket list for the fall.

The frosting on this beautiful chilly day was being joined by four terrific people, Gene Lovelace, Kathy Divalentin, Caycee Ward, and Leah Smith. Kathy showed up in a zebra onesie (and I was worried about folks staring at my zebra tights).

Gene is the Spiritual Leader for the Nashville Hospice. You know he's a very special individual just by his title and life's work. He exudes strength, wisdom & compassion. We need more Genes in the world.

Kathy lost her husband to this wretched cancer two years ago. She is very knowledgeable about NET and is doing all she can to educate others. She is so strong! She took me to dinner the night before in Knoxville (thank you so much!) and I learned first hand how she educated herself on NET and was Tony's loving advocate. She is incredible!

Caycee and Leah have stood with Kathy through her husband, Tony's illness and death. I've met them so I can say this...they are angels; funny, sweet, loving angels.

At the end of my hike/trail run, I was greeted by Ann & Dow. Ann is a zebra; strong, loving & generous. She brought me sunflowers to brighten my day. Ann & Dow have visited most of the National Parks and are going to donate to the foundation for every park I visit, that they also have been to.

Thank you Ann & Dow from the depths of my heart!

If you would also like to donate, click on "Learn more" tab at the top of the page and go to The Healing NET Foundation. Click on my link and it will be done in Anna's memory.

Love one another...

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