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#1 Mammoth Cave...49 to go!

Anna's teddy bear & I made it to Park #1

Anna's teddy bear & I at our 1st stop

of 50

this year.

First Park stamp in

my passport book

What a great day to kick off the campaign! As most of you know, November 10th is National NET cancer awareness day. It was quite chilly but that didn't stop us from enjoying the top side of Mammoth Cave NP. No, I didn't tour the cave, as I am quite claustrophobic; but we did hike 4.5 miles. I'm sure the cave is beautiful but the woods were stunning! It might be the best kept secret at the park.

I was joined by Margaret Bean, Senior Program Director of The Healing NET foundation & Melissa Matthews, our PR person from Wortman Works. Both of these women are so talented and kind hearted! I really was blessed to spend the morning with them.

It was a very emotional day. Anna felt so close to me that I expected to see her visibly at any moment. As we were hiking, we went past a rock overlooking the Green River. I felt a strong pull to go to the rock and just be with her. So we sat awhile and talked and watched the river go by. I'll try to talk more about the importance of rocks in Anna's life later. (Her college friends will understand the rock and significance thereof)

Love is all...

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