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#49 Mesa Verde National Park, CO

Mesa Verde National Park is truly a National Treasure! There is so much to see here; so please, please, make sure you give yourself at least two to three days here.

The visitor center should be your first stop. This is where I recommend buying your tickets for the different tours. The tours to the different cliff dwellings sell out quickly. The visitor center also has beautiful artwork and exhibits that give you an understanding of the area.

This statue is called "The Storyteller"

You know its hot out when the convertibles have their tops up and air conditioners on.

Mesa Verde is best known for its cliff dwellings. The Ancient Puebloans lived here from 600 to 1300 CE. There are over 600 cliff dwellings and over 5,000 archeological site...that they know of.

Most of the tours require a fairly good level of fitness. There are steep stairs and ladders to be navigated, so start working out before going to Mesa Verde.

The first cliff dwelling we toured was the famous Cliff Palace.

And then it was time for the climb back up to the mesa.

We went on to explore more cliff dwellings. Lots more!

It was a little smoky from the Durango fires; so don't adjust your screen.